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Energy audit also known as energy analysis, energy survey or energy evaluation is conducted in a commercial or industrial facility to examine the ways energy is currently used in that facility and identify some alternatives for reducing energy costs. The goals of an energy audits are:

    • To clearly identify the types and costs of energy use
    • To understand how the energy is being used and possibly wasted
    • To identify and analyze alternatives such as improved operational techniques and/or new equipment that could substantially reduce energy costs
  • To perform an economic analysis on those alternatives and determine which ones are cost effective for the business or industry involved

There are 3 phases of an energy audit:

  1. Preparation for the audit visit
  2. Performing the facility survey
  3. Implementing the audit recommendations


Petrotrack Engineering Services is fully equipped in terms of personnel and equipment to undertake Energy audits. The principal partner in the company, Eng. James Mwaniki is a Certified Energy Manager of Association of Energy Engineers. He is supported in the company by a host of other well qualified and trained engineers in undertaking the audits.

In Kenya, the Energy Management Regulations, 2012 under the Energy Act ,2006 states that the facility owner shall cause an Energy Audit of his facility be undertaken by a licensed energy auditor at least every three years. The Energy Regulatory commission of Kenya  (ERC) was established under the Energy Act 2006, as a  single regulatory agency responsible for economic and technical regulation of electrical power, renewable energy and downstream petroleum sub-sectors, including tariff setting and review, licensing , enforcement dispute settlement and approval of power purchase and network service contracts.

In line with requirements of the Energy Management regulations 2012, Eng. James Mwaniki is licensed by ERC as a lead energy auditor for category A audits. He is therefore authorized to undertake all energy audits including investment grade audits.

Some of the clients Petrotrack has undertaken Energy Audits for include:-

  1. Kenya Pipeline pumping stations.
  2. Capwell Industries in Thika
  3. 13 Airports for Kenya Airport Authority
  4. A residential house in New Muthaiga Estate
  5. Jade Petrol Station- Eldoret
  6. Sameer Industries- Nairobi

Some of our completed sites:

  1. English Press Ltd- Nairobi
  2. Vipingo Ridge Ltd – Kilifi
  3. W. E. Tilley in Kisumu and Nairobi
  4. Kasarani sports view

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